Productivity in the workforce is an essential element to ensure that an organisation is able to maximise fiscal achievements. However individual employee workloads are important to review to ensure that realistic expectations are sustainable.

Recognising work related stress is included in the identification of hazards in the workplace. It is a shared duty of care between employers, employees and essential for self-employed individuals to monitor.

By analysing workplace data, trends can be ideintified. This includes the rate of absenteeism and the number of grievances about work related stress and workers’ compensation claims identifying stress as the major contributor.

WorkSafe recommends directly observing staff at least, once a week to see how they are working. Communicating with your employees and providing the opportunity to discuss any stress related concerns, can result in early adjustments that can greatly reduce the impact of unrecognised stress related illnesses.

All reports by employees about work related stress should be investigated as quickly as possible.

The investigation should identify all the factors that have caused the work related stress and improvements should be made to those work practices to reduce the stress or eliminate it all together.

Three key messages are:

  • Commitment by senior management to prevent work related stress
  • Encouraging communication at all levels
  • Feedback from staff.

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