The team at Corporate First Aid Australia are well skilled at dealing with change. Today we welcome, Business Development and Training Officer, Tracie Yardley from Work Smart into the shared space that we occupy with private RTO, Combined Team Services at 6 Victoria Street Bunbury.

Tracie is well-known in Bunbury for creating apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities in local businesses and across industries.

Work Smart ‘cuts through the noise’, when it comes to managing employer responsibilities, including wages, allowances, superannuation, workers compensations, leave entitlement and training.

Call Tracie on 08 6819 5300 or on her mobile 0438 261 387 or by email at

Training HQ located at 6 Victoria Street offers a wide range of vocational education and training and apprenticeship and traineeship employment options.

Call CFAA on 1300 177 337 for community services and health training, including qualifications for support workers and first aid / CPR certification.


Call CTS on 9791 6611 for nationally recognised training in leadership, management, business, work health and safety, resource processing, customer engagement, courses for health and safety representatives, white card certification and skills sets in management.