First Aid and CPR

“Corporate First Aid’s course was the best first aid course I have been to. It was interactive and interesting . It was kept relevant to each individual and not to bogged down in just reading and powerpoint stuff. Jane was very knowledgeable and a good teacher. AWESOME!!!.” – Julie Caldwell, Bunbury Trotting Club

“This is by far the best first aid course I have attended since leaving the Army. Most tend to brush over the real issues and be less hands on. Awesome work guys. Trainer knowledge and presentation of this knowledge was excellent. Very impressed!” – Adrian Briggs – Pindari

“Top class course & tutorship highly recommended” – Peter Jas, Bunbury Regional Hospital

“Right from enrolment to finishing the course Corporate First Aid Australia are professional in their dealing with you. The Trainer delivered an interactive course and training that will be well used” – Ross Maguire, S&J Excavations

“It was a fun and informative course well presented in an adult learning environment”–  Jason Lea. City of Bunbury

“So impressed with the skills learnt today and a very understandable lecturer. Thanks so much” – Monique Doney, Midway Care

“Very well constructed, interactive course that keeps it simple, concise and easy to understand.” Tamara Organ

“Was an enjoyable experience. Kate has a lot of experience and stories that were applicable to much of the material we covered. She was able to teach us in a way that kept us interested but also provided us with a lot of information.” – Zac, Fulton Hogan Services

“Gained a lot of great new and updated info on current first aid. Kate was great and loved how she structured the class. Found the day interesting. Definitely helped with skills and would feel confident performing first aid. Thanks Kate.” – Karmini, Bunbury Oral Centre

“I found the course very good, informative while still keeping it fun and interesting” – Scott Johns, Hire A Hubby

“It was an amazing helpful course, personal gain or for employment. It is an awesome help” – Bianca Bertrand

“It was informative, fun and presented in a very clear and user friendly style. The nursing and ambulance back ground of the presenter added depth and a confidence in the way to apply what was learned. Very impressed. Thank you.” – Heather McRobert, Newton Moore

“An excellent, profesional and informative course for all in our team, thanks Jane. I hope I never have to use what I have learnt but feel reassured you have taught me well if I do” – Kiri Morris, Cable Force

“Fun, very informative and hands on course. Small group so could interact well” –  Heather Snape, Enable Southwest

“Refreshed skills and shown new techniques, very informative and made me think of practices in first aid. Very good!” – Clive Johnson, Mandalay Holiday Park

“Extremely valuable well presented and a definite for all tradies” – Dean Taylor, Warren Electrical Services

“Well paced, treated prior knowledge with respect. Fun and interesting. Trainer was excellent at communicating and keeping things moving.” – David Brindle

“Practical and down to earth. Good information that flowed through the course making it easy to absorb.” – Kevin Prince

“The friendly staff, up-to-date knowledge applicable to my workplace and future career and a trainer that knew her stuff and used wicked real-life examples. Would recommend Corporate First Aid to anybody.” – Brooke Whitford

“The Trainer, Nelly, was excellent and designed the day to be as interesting and informative as possible. Nelly was a wonderful facilitator and a pleasure to work with. The day certainly seemed to go too fast.” – Deborah Shadler

“Jane is a fantastic teacher, she explains everything really well and I have learnt a lot. I am glad I completed this course” – Kirsty Gardiner

“Nellie was a fantastic instructor and I really enjoyed the course. I’ve learnt so much that I’ve been able to take away and found everything to be interesting and engaging. Thank you Nellie!” – Renee Bursill

Very informative course and Yvonne was a wonderful teacher”. – Grace Di Benedetto, Main Roads Department

“The trainer was an excellent presenter, engaging and entertaining as well as very knowledgeable”. – Jeff Tonkes, Main Roads Department

“The trainer was an amazing facilitator. There wasn’t a moment in the session where I didn’t feel engaged”. – Cara, Crossfit Bunbury

“Course was well timed and not too crowded allowing good conversation and making it easier to understand” – Cameron Scott, S&J Excavations

“A fantastic course, feel very enlightened. Jane was brilliant. Easy to understand and a lot of fun!!. Wish I could do it again ha ha!.” – Vashti Ebsary, Enable SW

“I completed the course on Friday with Yvonne and it was an excellent course. I was fully engaged throughout the day and never once felt like I was in class. I have completed two first aid courses previously with different companies and never felt the practical application of what I was doing, they always focused on “ticking off the list” of what we had to cover. Yvonne’s first hand experience really brought home the point that what we were learning could actually save a life someday. The course was simple and focused on the end result of being equipped to handle whatever may be thrown at you. I hope I will never actually have to use these skills but if I do I feel ready for it!” – Michelle, Main Roads WA

“Course was brilliant, very informative and realistic, use of real examples made it very easy to understand and enjoy. The training co-ordinator Kate Commons was funny and informative!.” – Matthew Miller, Enable SW

Very informative course and Yvonne was a wonderful teacher”. – Grace Di Benedetto, Main Roads

“Many thanks for the informative course. It was fast paced and covered a lot of topics. Was good to have the latest best practice knowledge. Highly recommended to anyone regardless of their knowledge and experience” – Scott Wilson, S&J Excavations