Certificate III in individual support

“Corporate First Aid is an outstanding business that offers fast track learning at an exceptional high level of teaching. The trainers equip you with a mix of practical as well as theoretical knowledge to set you up for success. They take up the role of mentors as well as friends and between them have a strong combined knowledge of caring, which makes them more than capable of providing the best care”
– Simelinkosi Kwanelisa Nkiwane

“To all at Corporate First Aid Australia, thank you for all of your support and encouragement in my training in Aged Care. You have made this journey a very positive experience. You are proof that learning can be fun and I am now looking forward to your Senior First Aid course. I would highly recommend your company to anyone. You really are awesome!”
– Veronica McEwan

“I would recommend this course to those wanting to get into the aged care facility, the carers at the nursing home were lovely and loved to teach us everything we needed to know. The trainers at Corporate First Aid gave me the knowledge I needed to take into the work place”
– Elizabeth Wickens

“Was an awesome course, would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of taking up aged care. Trainers make it a wonderful and fun experience”
– Debbie Castrilli

“Had so much fun doing this course! Had some laughs as well as serious discussions, while learning some very valuable information. Lectures were fabulous, thorough and understanding. Will definitely look them up in the future for any further medical training!”
– Amy Smith

“Amazing team that have made such a well rounded course in the Southwest. Great teaching methods, I have loved this course. Well done Corporate First Aid Australia you get my vote for small business award everyday!’
– Kelly Carpenter

“The staff at CFAA are wonderful. They are very informative, knowledgeable and have a great interactive teaching style which I enjoyed very much. I felt fully supported by all team members at all times. I highly recommend CFAA!” – Tracey Marinoni

“Yvonne was a great lecturer for the introduction to our course. I looked forward to every class. Dianne was a fantastic support and was there every day to ensure we were happy for the weeks of our practical” – Kasie-Lee Devritt

“So relaxed and easy, a great learning environment.  Perfect for all ages especially an old brain like mine.” – Heidi Pascoe

“I am pleased and also relieved that I decided to complete the Aged Care qualification with CFAA instead of completing the course online through other providers. It was fantastic having that 1 on 1 interaction with Dianne and Cathy in class and on placement. A fabulous learning experience and what a bonus I have had meeting some very special residents whilst on practical placement at Opal Bunbury Gardens” – Renae Lane

“I have been wanting to do this course for years and its been even better than I ever could of imagined. The instructors are fantastic and made the learning experience fun and interesting. The practical placement was excellent and I learnt so much having our instructor work with us. I loved it and recommend it to anyone!”
– Joanne O’Brien

“Thank you to the team at Corporate First Aid Australia for providing a fun and hands on course. I would recommend them to anyone looking to do Aged Care and I look forward to completing the Senior First Aid course in the future.” – Emma Halliday

“Thank you Jane and your awesome team. Very professional and caring learning experience. I felt we were given relevant and practical lessons that helped to prepare us for our prac sessions. Diane was a pleasure to learn from, very approachable and fun. Her ways will be permanently drilled into my head  ” – Kate Denholm

“I really enjoyed my experience here at Corporate First Aid Australia. The trainers make sure that you do the best you can and are there to answer any of your questions. I would recommend anyone to complete  this course” – Ashleigh Corterea


“Thank you to Yvonne, Dianne and Jane for such great support throughout this course. I now have great confidence in myself that I will be a fantastic carer and have finally done something that I was always so scared to do. Thank You :)”
– Kelly Rice

“Thank you to all of the staff at Corporate First Aid Australia for providing a fun, exciting, friendly environment to learn in. Your trainers are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and encouraging every step of the way. I would definitely recommend CFAA to anyone wanting to pursue a certificate in Aged Care”
– Leah Bradshaw

“I was totally scared and confused when I first joined the course due to some language problems, but on the first day its self I found myself more comfortable with colleagues and trainers. They were all very supportive and now I am confident and competent to get a job anywhere else due to the competent training from CFAA. Thank you to you all!”
– Nimisha T.L

“I strongly recommend this course, it was well worth doing, well organised and the educators are lovely”
– Michelle Welhan

“I thoroughly enjoyed the way CFAA staff have taught me, the way everything was explained and the way I was made to feel so welcome”
– Kylie Buswell

“I found this course to be really helpful in developing my skills to become a carer because the way I was learning was so practical. I would strongly recommend CFAA”
– Jane Weatherald-Ford

“The teachers were always bright and fun to learn with. Never put anyone down for being slow and were always willing to help us achieve”
– Damien Slade

“I had a great experience through CFAA! I would recommend them to everybody. Dianne, Jane and Cathy were amazing. I wouldn’t be where I am today without them, the best educators ever!”
– Amie Cole

“This course was presented in a relaxed and fun manner. We learnt everything without even realising the information was staying in our heads. I really enjoyed this course!”
– Tracey Doust

“I had a great time at practical placement and my experience there was very enjoyable. Im very thankful to all of the staff at CFAA because I learned a lot from them. Thank you Ms Jane, Di and Yvonne, your all legends”

– Maria Lordes Guzzomi

“I completed my qualification in Aged Care with CFAA and I had such an amazing time getting to know the lecturers, very organised people! Thank you very much for this experience guys, you rock! You all made this experience very enjoyable”
– Kimberly Winkle

“Best time, so rewarding, I loved it! really enjoyed working with the elderly people”
– Michelle Millington

“Very happy to be able to attend a very informative and cohesive practical course. Instructors are great! Thank you”
– Christopher Jackson

“CFAA done an excellent job with their training, it was fun, knowledgeable and really interesting! I would highly recommend it to others whom are interested and it has changed me as a person in a positive way in this career. So happy to have completed and experienced this field of work!”
– Henrique De Sa