Samantha Bowen, Founding Director of Acorn Network, and member of the Federal Advisory Board for National Health & Medical Health Research Centre ‘The Dementia Institute’, an international speaker, and advocate for young leaders recently explored what young people think about the aged care industry.

Reflections from the Unconference (the Junkee Junket) which drew 150+ young people (under 40), revealed a disconnect between the projected numbers required to address aged care worker shortages and the challenges of the aged care sector. Bad press including poor pay, overworked employees and negative messaging, including elder abuse, staff shortages and striking workers, reinforced through social media are resulting in young people rejecting aged care as a career.

But it is not all doom and gloom, as Samantha Bowen discovered. Young people want to connect in ways that are meaningful for them, and using the skills including technology to assist the aged and people with disability to make connections. To read more see here:

Te Roberts, Strategic Business Manager at CFAA recently engaged local media company, Lomax Media to explore the perspectives of young people in the aged care and disability sector.

‘Young people can exude such palatable enthusiasm and energy. It is essential that young people are selected for their emotional intelligence, as much as their willingness to undertake personal care duties. I look forward to how technology, intelligently designed housing, and inclusive practices can create innovative community environments where young carers can assist the aged and people with disability to maintain their¬†individuality and stay connected with others’, said Te.

Hear the responses of young carer, Summer Widdup, Community Home Care, CEO Sue Clements and disability advocate, Josef Bandera about what young people bring to the aged care and disability services sectors.

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