Music plays a pivotal role in our lives. Each generation embraces the artists of that time, as modern self-appointed poet laureates, expressing the social condition of each era. We are connected and disconnected to others by our choice of music.  Hence the advent of headphones. An essential relationship-saving devise.

For some of us, music is like breathing. We listen to it daily and without it, there is a profound sense of emptiness. Music can transport you back in time and trigger similar emotional responses, as the ones that you felt in the original moment.

Alive Inside, is a 2014 documentary about a Music & Memory program, developed by US social worker Dan Cohen. It explores the impact of music in the lives of the elderly dealing with dementia related memory loss. The use of music is backed by neuroscience research and it has demonstrated that listening to a personalised playlist can stimulate memory, improve mood and encourage movement.

The objective is to use music as a trigger for conversation to stimulate memory. It has been proven to be effective, bringing remembrances of joy.

Building a playlist is a relatively easy task with the help of software with Spotify or iTunes. All you need to start, is to choose music from the era when your loved one was an adolescent.

Why then? Our youth is the time of self-exploration, rebellion and our first forays into sexual relationships. There is bound to be some emotion attached to this period, that can be triggered by playing a track from this time.

Remember to include a good set of headphones, as they cancel out external noise disruption and headphones assist people with perception difficulties.

It begs the question. What tracks will you have on your playlist?