Sunday, May 14 is not just any ordinary day.

On this day, women are formally recognised for the invaluable role of motherhood.

For many of us, it is a day of remembrance. To take a minute to reflect upon past moments of joy that we shared with our mothers, who are no longer with us. It is the time to say a silent thanks.

For those still fortunate to call someone, Mum, it is a day to spoil the one that held your hand, wiped your tears and taught you how to connect with others.

For some women, this Sunday, will mark a new membership into a very exclusive club. These new members are sifting through the mountains of advice to carve their own path. They may be uncertain on the road, but they are determined to walk it, to the best of their ability.

The membership of this club is not limited to those women that have birthed their own children, but also to the thousands of women who undertake this invaluable role for other children.

This may be through step-parenthood, surrogacy, adoption or fostering. There are many women in their autumn years, raising children and guiding them to adulthood.

Regardless of genetic link, this magnificient unconditional love is given freely.

At Corporate First Aid Australia, we celebrate all the women, who undertake this often thankless, overwhelming experience that teeters between exhaustion and bursting love.

Motherhood is often fraught with uncertainty and anxiety.

If you, like thousands of others, wish to learn the essential skill of First Aid, come join us at Corporate First Aid Australia.

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