Bethanie Fields Aged Care facility in Eaton has implemented an innovative approach born from conversation during the Dementia Awareness Month 2017 and a recent trip to the Netherlands.

Reported in the Aged Care Guide, 25 residents in the dementia wing have worked alongside staff, family and friends to develop a door motif to go on the door of their room to aid recognition.

Bethanie Occupational Therapist Kirsty Alexandratos, said that, ‘dementia is a unique experience and everybody is different so, we are hoping that with this project, we can connect even more personally to every one one of our residents and assist to bring back some cherished memories’.

Featured in the link below, resident Elizabeth Bowron, a keen decorator enjoyed the opportunity to change her door colour, choosing blue, ‘like the open sky – it goes to wherever you want to go. I love it’.

More information about this innovative project can be found here: