There has been much written about the value of laughter. The experience of shared humour is what often binds us and connects us to others.

Laughter has many clinically proven health benefits, such as lowering blood pressure, reducing stress hormone levels, boosting T-cells, improving cardiac health and releasing endorphins.

Laughter makes you feel good. Even when you laugh so hard that your stomach aches from the muscle workout, it is all positive. You massage your internal organs and with the additional blood pumped, your organs improve their functionality.

Laughter is one of our earliest experiences and perhaps is most noticeable, when it is absent from our lives. Perhaps that is why grief is so very difficult.

We even have ‘laughter clubs’ to encourage people to relax and lighten up. What we find funny is as individual as each one of us, so when it is shared, it is like we find a mirror.

When we laugh the empathy hormone, oxytocin assists us to bond to other people, bringing individuals and groups together. Laughing lifts our spirits, re-enengises the mind and spirit, reduces stress and helps you achieve productive outcomes.

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