Have you heard about the Chambered Nautilus? The shell starts off very small, to protect the fledging sea creature inside. As the marine mollusc develops, it outgrows its safe chamber and the Nautilus shell grows a new chamber, slightly larger to accommodate it.

From a symbolic viewpoint, it is interpreted as representative of growth and evolution.

So, it is with our company.

We are looking for a new chamber to reside in. Unlike the Nautilus we are not able to build onto this existing one, so our ‘feelers’ are out for a new home, that is just right for us.

In the meantime, agile and resilient that we are, CFAA are mobile and training offsite.

Contact us on 1300 177 337, visit our website or Facebook page or via Messenger for further information about vocational education and training courses.

You’ll be the first to be invited to celebrate our new premises, when we find our perfect fit.