Working smart, doesn’t mean that you work extra hard. It is about working collaboratively as demonstrated by the team at CFAA and Work Smart.

Recently Tracie Yardley, Business Development and Training Officer for Work Smart in Bunbury and Dianne Needham, Training Manager at RTO Corporate First Aid Australia, teamed up to create training and employment opportunities in the South West.

Meeting with Sandra Crisp Manager of APM Bunbury, Dianne discussed the advantages of CFAA’s model of delivery of CHC33015 Certificate in Individual Support, as well as their highly successful first aid training.

‘It is essential that people training as carers in the aged care and disability sectors, receive high quality training which includes adequate practicum hours in a range of settings and receive essential skills, like manual handling’, reflected Di. ‘This is not always offered by RTO providers who deliver primarily online, leaving students to arrange practicum placements and gain those skills without support.’

Tracie was on hand to explain the advantages of traineeships and exactly how they benefit business and employees.

‘There are so many advantages for business in employing a trainee but there is also a fair amount of confusion. At Work Smart, our field officers, ‘cut through’ the noise, so that businesses have a clear understanding of the advantages and we remove the ‘hard work’ and cover all employment aspects such as wages, superannuation and insurance’, said Tracie.

Tracie and Di believe that by working smart, they create a competitive advantage for themselves and their potential clients, building the capacity of all.

For more information about traineeships, ring Tracie on 0438 261 387 or jump onto the website:

For more information about support worker qualification contact Di on 1300 177 337 or for first aid or CPR  book online via under the Courses tab.