The needs of Australia’s First Peoples, and the gaps, roadblocks and barriers experienced by older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, is the focus of a landmark report, released on 14 June at a Roundtable event held in Canberra.

The report, Assuring equity of access and quality outcomes for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: What needs to be done, was developed by the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG).

Officially launched by Federal Minister of Aged Care Ken Wyatt, the report, highlighted the roadblocks to access and equity, gaps in policy, education and advocacy, as well as the geographic barriers, that older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples face.

The proposed actions, include improvements to the aged care system, expansion of specialist targeted services, increased work to embed cultural safety in mainstream care, strategies to improve the ability of the aged care workforce to offer more appropriate care, an expansion of advocacy services and more appropriate needs assessment.

This work dovetails with the measures underway to develop an Action Plan for Aged Care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

AAG Chief Executive Officer (CEO) James Beckford Saunders, said ‘We had a really brilliant group of people with expertise in a range of areas, who came together to problem solve in this important and up until now, neglected area’.

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