Did you know that WA legislation requires your employer to provide a first aid kit in small businesses and first aid facilities in larger organisations?

Your employer must also provide a healthy and safe environment, therefore a first aid risk assessment should be done regularly.

Does this happen in your workplace?

First aid kits should be well stocked and checked regularly to see if dressings or equipment need to be replaced. Having a box of Panadol and two band aids is not a first aid fit.

Although small businesses are not legally required to have a person trained in first aid, it is a good idea for someone to have a first aid certificate. You never know when an accident might happen. This person could also keep a check on the first aid kit(s).

Larger organisations should have a trained, certificated first aid officer onsite at all times. It is recommended you have more than one designated first aid officer in case of absence.

First aid officers should always record treatment in a register and normally this would include:

  • The injured person’s name and occupation
  • The date, time and place of the accident
  • How the accident occurred and what the injured person was doing at the time
  • The nature of the injury
  • A brief description of the treatment given and the name of the person who gave it.

Everyone should know where the first aid kit is located.

CFAA is proud of our contribution in delivering high quality first aid training and assisting to keep the workplaces of the South West region safer.