If you are a person who can:

  • juggle (a squirming baby)
  • are flexible (can tiptoe across a minefield of Lego)
  • athletic (move with a 20k toddler clamped to your side while maintaining sanity)
  • creative (can turn out multiple options for fussy eaters and remove food stains from any surface)

and are unreservedly

  • brave (can remove the cat that has been confined in the doll house for who knows how long!)

If this is you…..then you are already one of the millions who have signed up for the ‘parenthood club’.

At Corporate First Aid Australia, we understand exactly how demanding parenting can be.

Sankari First Aid is designed for the new parent, or experienced parent or grandparent in mind.

Our team of neo-natal and paediatric specialists will answer all those nagging questions on how to keep your ‘little adventurer’s’ safe!

In two hours, we will teach you real life-saving skills.

Gather a group of friends together, and we’ll come to your place.

Sankari First Aid – Be the Hero in A Child’s Life

Contact one of our team at Corporate First Aid Australia on 1300 177 337 or Click on the red envelope on the navigation bar… to find out more.