Reiki is a non-invasive, yet powerful therapy that promotes wellbeing, calms anxieties and stress, relieves pain and enhances your own body’s natural healing ability.

If your mind is constantly racing and your body needs a chance to rebalance, Reiki has a lot to offer.

Barb Clews is a Buddhist Trained, Nationally Accredited Level 2 Reiki Therapist and Member of the Reiki Association of WA.

Barb uses the Usui System of Natural Healing to help clients find calm in their lives.

Usui is a hands-on system where universal energy is passed through the practitioners hands to the client. People reflect feeling a warm and sometimes hot sensation at the site of where Barb’s hands are lightly resting.

According to Barb, ‘During a Reiki treatment, you may drift off to sleep or simply feel the peace and relaxation that surrounds you’.

Barb’s quest is to help clients have the best experience possible. ┬áTo this end, she places an earthing mat on her treatment table, which assists to reduce the build up of electromagnetic radiation in your body from mobile telephones, laptops, iPads and tablet computers.

If you are interested in exploring Reiki, call Barb Clews on (08) 9725 9049 or email her on