We can all agree that the saving a life is a priceless gift and knowing what to do in an emergency situation makes all the difference.

Join the thousands who chose to train with Corporate First Aid Australia and learn the vital skills of first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. (HTAID003 and HTAID001 respectively)

So, why chose us, instead of other providers?

At multi-award winning Corporate First Aid Australia, our mandate is to deliver training that is meaningful, relevant and a whole lot of fun.

We know that the last thing that you need in your busy life, is to ‘resent’ the wasted time that you have spent engaged in training that is mind-numbingly boring.

We know that having fun while you learn is essential to engage adult learners and to retain knowledge. Our trainers are experienced nurses who bring a range of industry contexts to the delivery of first aid.

If you prefer to gather your team together at your place of work, our mobile delivery unit will come to you. You can book directly from our website or ring us to discuss your training needs on 1300 177 337.

Make 2018, the year that you know how to ‘save a life’, it could be your own or a stranger’s, someone you work with or someone you love.