Most people recognise that first aid training is an invaluable skill. At CFAA we believe it is an essential life skill. While there is no national registry of sudden cardiac arrest, it is estimated that over 25,000 people suffer a cardiac arrest outside of hospital in Australia every year. (Source: 

The hard reality is that only 10% of people survive. The unpalatable truth is that for every minute without CPR and AED the chance of survival drops by 10%.

Counting on someone else who knows what to do, may result in the loss of someone you hold dear. Knowing what to do makes all the difference. Being the difference is an experience that is priceless.

Learning how to save a life is simple.

CFAA trainers are focused on ensuring that people living in the beautiful South West, know ‘how to save a life’. We do that by, delivering first aid training in a meaningful way.

Our trainers will customise training delivery to meet your specific industry needs, assisting employees to deal with workplace injuries and accidents.

Like any skill, it is essential to retain your currency, as we can all get a little ‘rusty’ if our skills are not practiced. If you are due for a CPR refresher, CFAA can provide a time efficient session so you maintain confidence in your ability.

The Australian Resuscitation Council in collaboration with actors from the ABC’s hit show Rake, produced this light-hearted video to ‘bring home the message’.

Call CFAA today on 1300 177 337 to learn how to save a life or book directly from the website here:

Our mobile delivery unit will come to your workplace or perhaps a Saturday training session suits your needs better. Just ask us. Ring 1300 177 337

Our team at CFAA are committed to increasing the number of people in the South West who know ‘how to save a life’.