About Corporate First Aid

Training excellence

We are a team of highly experienced professionals who are all personally committed to making a difference in the lives of others.

We are proud of our contribution to ensuring those most vulnerable in our community are supported by high quality community services and health professionals.

We train others to save lives and as care workers to support the aged and people with disabilities.

What we do?


Training is our core business.

We are recognised as the award winning community and health training industry professionals.

We have trained thousands of people assisting them to obtain employment and/or maintain their workplace requirements.

Our team of professionals are hand-picked and bring a wide selection of expertise and experience to the training landscape.

When you entrust our team to your training, you can rely on us to ensure that you organisational needs are met.

We listen to you and simply deliver, high quality training solutions.


Ask us about your staffing needs.

We recruit directly from our training classroom.  Local agencies contact us as they know our reputation for high quality training delivery.

Our graduates are ‘work ready’.  Agencies that participate in our student practicum agreements are effectively ‘growing their own workforce’.

Our students engage in a variety of practicum placements which enable them to apply knowledge and develop their skills in a real life setting.

Community service organisations and residential facility managers benefit from our close-scrutiny of students during the training experience, by:

  • saving time in the recruitment process,

  • new staff already being assessed and proven competent,

  • allowing registered nurses to spend more time on patient-client health plans and other duties, and

  • having a guarantee that new carers have proven they are capable of the tasks involved and meet the organisation or facility requirements.

Call us to discuss your workforce needs.


We offer consultancy services to develop your workforce team.

Individual consultation is available with facility managers to ensure that training meet the specific needs of each community service organisation.

CFAA will customise training to each facility, meeting the requirements of the qualifications, while ensuring specific skill gap training is addressed.

CFAA will assist employees to continue to meet and exceed facility and agency standards. Just ask us.

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday  8am-4.30pm

Fridays - 8am-4pm

6 Victoria St Bunbury 6230
5 Barker Road Albany 6330
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